Leadership Committees

Jun Wang, Division Chief, Environment and Energy

Tom Schnell, Division Chief, Aerospace Technology

Syed Mubeen, Deputy Division Chief, Environment and Energy

Mathews Jacob, Division Co-chief, Biotechnology

Ed Sander, Division Co-chief, Biotechnology

Shaoping XiaoSystems and Sensors

Salam RahmatallaHuman Modeling and Simulation

Hongtao DingAdvanced Manufacturing and Materials

Travis Klopfenstein, Executive Director for Programs

Karim Abdel-Malek, Director (Committee Chair)

Lisa Lang, Director of Finance and Business Operations

Syed Mubeen, Deputy Division Chief, Environment and Energy

Fatima Toor, Deputy Division Chief, Biotechnology

Mathew Cover, Deputy Division Chief, Aerospace Technology

Rajan Bhatt, Deputy Division Chief, Human Modeling and Simulation

Venanzio Cichella, Deputy Division Chief, Systems and Sensors

Nicole Watson, Deputy Division Chief, Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Joel Steele, Research Support Administrator