Portrait of Karim Abdel-Malek

Welcome to the online home of the University of Iowa Technology Institute. 

Here you can learn about our more than 200 faculty, staff, fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students, the life-changing innovations we invent and refine, our 30 labs, and mature technology that provides real-world solutions for our partners at the Department of Defense, NASA, private industry and many others.

Since our founding in 1981, we've spent nearly 40 years growing and adapting to solve problems in Iowa and beyond as the Center for Computer-Aided Design. From the creation of the first driving simulator in the nation to the development of the most advanced virtual human, we have provided a unique environment for research. 

Over time, our team and our mission areas have grown. Our portfolio has expanded to include multiple aspects of engineering, beyond just computer-aided design. Last year, we were awarded 108 grants and contracts and are actively working with 42 different agencies. Our emphasis on supporting federal defense efforts has and will continue to take center stage along with our expertise in modeling and simulation, medtech, and flight research. 

For those reasons, and with Iowa Board of Regents approval, we retired the name CCAD and became the Iowa Technology Institute to better reflect our scope of work to ourselves, our stakeholders, and our partners.

Collaboration and a strong belief in science remain at the core of our values. That has not changed. Researchers are from various fields including engineering, medicine, programming, information technology, and many others. Our faculty, staff, and scientists integrate mathematics, computers, programming, clinical approaches, data, and hardware into functioning prototypes and computer programs that can help people.

We welcome your business. We have a strong focus on and tradition of transferring technology to the market. I invite you to browse our research programs, our products, and our affiliated companies. You will find biographies, publications, and current research topics for each of the individuals who make up ITI.

Karim Abdel-Malek
ITI Director