Researchers at the University of Iowa Technology Institute have invented and matured technologies that have been transferred to the commercial sector. In some cases, a private venture obtains the exclusive license for the technology to continue development and use. In other cases, companies sponsor research in ITI labs on particular technologies. The mission at ITI is to focus research in ways that benefit society. Tech transfer demonstrates that our research secures societal, if not tangible, return on investment for ITI's sponsors and supporters. 



ActiBioMotion offers engineering services and product solutions for physical modeling and motion analysis of humans in transport systems and heavy machinery in the U.S. military and industry. 

ITI Connection: Salam Rahmatalla

Contact: Info@Actibiomotion.Com


Advanced Infoneering, Inc. is a commercial research firm specializing in physiological & cognitive measurement, graphical user interfaces, and live virtual constructive (LVC) environments. Founded in 2005, the company conducts research activities in three primary areas.

  1. Physiological & Cognitive Measurements
  2. Graphical User Interfaces
  3. Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Environment

ITI connection: Tom Schnell


A synthetic vision system (SVS) aircraft cockpit instrument suite that has been commercialized under the Dynon SkyView brand and is now flying in thousands of aircraft cockpits. The SVS is proven to save lives by preventing controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).

ITI Connection: Tom Schnell

Malum Terminus Technologies, Inc. (MTTI) holds exclusive commercial license to the intellectual property enabling the MALUM capabilities. MTTI builds upon the MALUM foundation to deliver both health and human performance and safety and security solutions. The first product is Intellisee, which is designed to keep schools, stores, hospitals and communities safer by pairing the power of AI with existing surveillance systems.

ITI connection: Karim Abdel-Malek

Malum Terminus in the news:

Keeping people safer with Iowa technology | Iowa Now



RAMDO Solutions

RAMDO Solutions, LLC is an engineering software tool that enhances computer simulation models by taking into account the variability of input variables.

RAMDO was established in 2013 to develop the commercial software Reliability Analysis & Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (RAMDO) to support academia, industry, and the Department of Defense. The research behind the reliability analysis methods in the RAMDO software originated in 1995 under the supervision of K.K. Choi at the University of Iowa in collaboration with the Automotive Research Center (ARC) funded by the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center (TARDEC). 

ITI connection: K.K. Choi

RAMDO in the news:

RAMDO joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Santos Human

Santos Human, Inc. specializes in human digital modeling and simulation software products and services tailored for multiple user applications based on the digital human environment. 

ITI connection: Karim Abdel-Malek


Unify Medical

Unify Medical is transforming the time, quality and cost of medical procedures and surgical experiences by revolutionizing clinician visualizations of tissue differentiation and improving situational awareness through augmented reality.

ITI connection: Yang Liu