Mission Areas

  • Biotechnology
  • Human Modeling and Simulation

Professor Jia Lu's research focuses on the mechanics of soft tissues, computational mechanics, nonlinear elasticity, and inverse problems.


Research Team

Jia Lu

Jia Lu, PhD

Director, Biomechanics Lab
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Recent Publications

Zernet: Convolutional neural networks on arbitrary surfaces via zernike local tangent space estimation
Zhiyu Sun, Ethan Rooke, Jerome Charton, Yusen He, Jia Lu, Stephen Baek
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 39, Issue 6, May 2020

A covariant formulation of finite plasticity with plasticity-induced evolution of anisotropy: Modeling, algorithmics, simulation, and comparison to experiments
Tobias Kaiser, Jia Lu, Andreas Menzel, Panayiotis Papadopoulos
International Journal of Solids and Structures, Volumes 185-186, March 2020

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Jia Lu

Jia Lu, PhD

Director, Biomechanics Lab

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  (319) 335-6405