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Virtual Soldier Research Program

The Virtual Soldier Research Program (VSR) conducts basic and applied research and development in the field of human modeling and simulation. Our research is aimed at creating interactive, intelligent, and predictive human models that operate in virtual, physics-based environments, including Santos, a physics-based human simulator that is used by the US military and industry partners. 

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Malum Terminus is an artificial intelligence engine that takes inputs to predict risk. In this case, Malum predicts the likelihood an athlete will get injured during an intense workout. 

Keeping people safer with Iowa technology

Technology born out of military-funded research in the University of Iowa’s Virtual Soldier Research Program (VSR) soon may be used in schools, hospitals, stores, and other places to improve safety.
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Full recap, session summaries and videos from 2020 Iowa Virtual Human Summit

The need for properly fitting body armor and how virtual technology — digital twins — can be leveraged to meet it was the focus of the Aug. 12 Summit hosted virtually by the University of Iowa Technology Institute (ITI). Virtual technology can process mountains of data and countless scenarios to speed up and save money in the design and testing process for equipment fit, range of motion, area of coverage, and other factors.
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Director: Karim Abdel-Malek, professor of biomedical, mechanical, and industrial engineering and applied mathematical and computational sciences

Phone: (319) 335-5676


Mission Area: Human Modeling and Simulation