Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories

The University of Iowa
205 North Madison Street
Iowa City, IA 52242

The following Iowa Technology Institute labs are located in the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories (IATL) on the main University of Iowa campus. 

Labs and Centers

Director: Jun Wang, professor of chemical and biochemical engineering


Phone: (319) 353-4483

Room number: 424 IATL

Mission areas: 

Learn more: AER Lab

Director: Jennifer Fiegel, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences and experimental therapeutics 


Phone: (319) 335-5162

Room number: 364 IATL

Mission areas: 

Learn more: Fiegel Lab

Director: Hongtao Ding, associate professor of mechanical engineering


Phone: (319) 335-5674

Room number: 278 IATL

Mission area: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Learn more: Laser Materials Processing Lab

Director: Syed Mubeen, assistant professor of chemical and biomedical engineering


Phone: (319) 335-5813

Room number: 350 IATL

Mission areas: 

Learn more: Syed Mubeen Research Group

Director: Fatima Toor, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, associate professor of physics and astronomy 


Phone: (319) 335-6071

Room number: 192 IATL

Mission areas:

Learn more: Toor Lab