Iowa Technology Institute faculty, staff, and students produce many peer-reviewed journal publications, conference proceedings, book chapters, and patent applications each year. Links to more publications can be found on each faculty member's bio page.

Featured Publications

Ambulance Rahmatalla

UI professor’s new book examines impact of whole-body vibration during emergency transport

Salam Rahmatalla, director of the 3D Bio-Motion Research Lab at the University of Iowa Technology Institute, has authored a new book to help medical transport professionals – and vehicle and equipment designers – understand the effects of vibration on immobilized patients during emergency transport.
ITI Kaleidoscope

'ITI Kaleidoscope, 2021' highlights research, accomplishments and people powering the institute

The University of Iowa Technology Institute has published a new overview book called ITI Kaleidoscope, 2021 showcasing the innovation and breakthroughs occurring through collaboration and partnerships at the institute. 
Chemistry Communications Journal

ITI researchers' paper makes cover of prestigious journal

The research findings of several University of Iowa scientists was featured on the front cover of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Chemical Communications journal.

Recent Publications

Aggarwal, H.K., & Jacob, M. (2021). Model adaptation for image reconstruction using Generalized Stein's Unbiased Risk Estimator. arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.00047

Aggarwal, H.K., Pramanik, A., & Jacob, M. (2021). ENSURE: Ensemble Stein’s Unbiased Risk Estimator for Unsupervised LearningICASSP 2021 - 2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), pp. 1160-1164. doi: 10.1109/ICASSP39728.2021.9414513.

Ahmed, A.H., Nagpal, P., & Jacob, M. (2021). Dynamic deep imaging using deep bi-linear unsupervised regularization (DEBLUR). arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.15785

Ahmed, A.H., Nagpal, P., Kruger, S., & Jacob, M. (2021). Dynamic imaging using deep bilinear unsupervised learning (Deblur)2021 IEEE 18th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 1099-1102, doi: 10.1109/ISBI48211.2021.9433882.

Al-Bazoon, M., & Arora, J.S. (2021). Discrete variable optimization of structures subjected to dynamic loads using equivalent static loads and metaheuristic algorithmsOptimization and Engineering

Allen, B., Wang, Q., Filali, Y., Worthington, K., & Kacmarynski, D.S.F. (2021). Full-thickness oral mucoperiosteal defects: Challenges and opportunities. Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews

Attarian, S., & Xiao, S. (2021). Development of a 2NN-MEAM potential for TiB system and studies of the temperature dependence of the nanohardness of TiB2Computational Materials Science 201, 110875.

Bennion, D.M., Horne, R.Peel, A., Reineke, P., Henslee, A., Kaufmann, C., Guymon, C.A., & Hansen, M.R. (2021). Zwitterionic photografted coatings of cochlear implant biomaterials reduce friction and insertion forcesOtology & Neurotology.  doi: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000003288. Epub ahead of print.

Bhatt, S., Bodduluri, S., Nakhmani, A., Kim, Y., Reinhardt, J.M., Hoffman, E.A. et al. (2021). Sex differences in airways: Implications for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [abstract]. C5. C005 Diagnosis and Prognosis in COPD, A1120.

Bodduluri, S., Nakhmani, A., Reinhardt, J.M., & Bhatt, S.P. (2021). Airway tapering in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [abstract]. A12. A012 New Insights into Structure and Function in COPD, A1046.

Bodduluri, S., Puliyakote, A.K., Nakhmani, A., Charbonnier, J., Reinhardt, J.M., & Bhatt, S.P. (2021). Computed tomography-based airway surface area-to-volume ratio for phenotyping airway remodeling in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 203(2), 185-191.

Buchholz, J., Russell, J., Cichella, V., Harwood, C., Xiao, S., & Carrica, P.M. (2021). A curriculum on naval science & technology for a midwestern university2021 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference.

Chaudhary, M., Hoffman, E., Comellas, A., Guo, J., Fortis, S. Bodduluri, S., . . . Reinhardt, J.M. (2021). CT texture features predict severe COPD exacerbations in SPIROMICS [abstract]. C5. C005 Diagnosis and Prognosis in COPD, A1122.

Cheng, C., & Bai, E. (2021). Variable selection based on squared derivative averagesAutomatica 127, 109491.

Cheng, C., Bai, E., & Peng, Z. (2021). Identification of sparse volterra systemsIEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.

Dasgupta, B., & Dasgupta, S. (2021). Erratum of "A Hermitian analogue of the Morita theorems." Communications in Algebra 49(2).

Dixler, S., Jahanbin, R., & Rahman, S. (2021). Uncertainty quantification by optimal spline dimensional decompositionInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 122(20), 5898-5934.

Feng, F., Han, W., & Huang, J. (2021). The virtual element method for an elliptic hemivariational inequality with convex constraintNumerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods & Applications 14(3), 589-612.

Feng, F., Han, W., & Huang, J. (2021). The virtual element method for an obstacle problem of a Kirchhoff-Love plate. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation

Fiegel, J., Rundlett, B., Bradley, A.A. Jr., Murhammer, K.R. (2021). Piloting an ethics choose-your-own adventure activity in early engineering education2021 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference

Gao, B., Walhof, A.C., Laird, D.A., Toor, F., & Prineas, J. (2021). Analytical evaluation of mobile in situ soil nitrate infrared sensor designs for precision agricultureIEEE Sensors Journal. DOI: 10.1109/JSEN.2021.3096856

Gao, J., Han, W., He, Y., Zhao, H., Li, H., Zhang, Y., & Xu, Z. (2021). Seismic wave equations in tight oil/gas sandstone mediaScience China Earth Sciences 64, 377-387.

Gerard, S.E., Herrmann, J., Xin, Y., Martin, K.T., Rezoagli, E., ... Reinhardt, J.M. (2021). CT image segmentation for inflamed and fibrotic lungs using a multi-resolution convolutional neural networkScientific Reports 11(1), 1-12.

Gomes, V.C., da Silva, L.F.F., Raghavan, M.L., Gomes, J., Silvestre, G.C., Queiroz, A., et al. (2021). Biomechanical and histological data from abdominal aortas harvested in autopsyData in Brief 35, 106953.

Gomes, V.C., Raghavan, M.L., da Silva, L.F.F., Gomes, J., Silvestre, G.C., Queiroz, A., et al. (2021). Experimental study of rupture pressure and elasticity of abdominal aortic aneurysms found at autopsyAnnals of Vascular Surgery 70, 517-527.

Guerra, F.V., Archer, L., Hardin, R.A., & Beckermann, C. (2021). Measurement of air entrainment during pouring of an aluminum alloyMetallurgical and Materials Transactions B 52(1), 123-137.

Hammond, M., Cichella, V., Weerakkody, T., & Lamuta, C. (2021). Robust and adaptive sampled-data control of twisted and coiled artificial musclesIEEE Control Systems Letters 6.

Han, W. (2021). A revisit of elliptic variational-hemivariational inequalitiesNumerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 42(4), 371-395.

Han, W., Czuprynski, K., & Jing, F. (2021). Mixed finite element method for a hemivariational inequality of stationary Navier–Stokes equationsJournal of Scientific Computing 89(8). 

Han, W., Song, C., Wang, F., & Gao, J. (2021). Numerical analysis of the diffusive-viscous wave equation. Computers & Mathematics with Applications 102, 54-64.

Han, W., & Wang, C. (2021). Numerical analysis of a parabolic hemivariational inequality for semipermeable mediaJournal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 389, 113326.

He, L., Han, W., Wang, F., & Cai, W. (2021). Unconditional stability and optimal error estimates of discontinuous Galerkin methods for the second-order wave equationApplicable Analysis 100(6), 1143-1157.

He, L., Han, W., & Wang, F. (2021). On a family of discontinuous Galerkin fully-discrete schemes for the wave equationComputational and Applied Mathematics 40(2), 1-24.

He, X., Avril, S., & Lu, J. (2021). Estimating aortic thoracic aneurysm rupture risk using tension–strain data in physiological pressure range: an in vitro studyBiomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 20(2), 683-699.

He, X., Avril, S., & Lu, J. (2021). Prediction of local strength of ascending thoracic aortic aneurysmsJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 115, 104284.

He, X., Guo, J., Zhang, X., Bi, H., Gerard, S., Kaczka, D., Motahari, A., Hoffman, E., Reinhardt, J.M., Barr, R.G., Angelini, E., & Laine, A. (2021). Recursive refinement network for deformable lung registration between exhale and inhale CT scans. arXIv preprint arXiv:2106.07608.

Herrmann, J., Gerard, S.E., Reinhardt, J.M., Hoffman, E., & Kaczka, D.W. (2021). Regional gas transport during conventional and oscillatory ventilation assessed by xenon-enhanced computed tomographyAnnals of Biomedical Engineering 49, 2377-2388.

Herrmann, J., Gerard, S.E., Shao, W., Xin, Y., Cereda, M., Reinhardt, J.M.Christensen, G.E., Hoffman, E., & Kaczka, D.W. (2021). Effects of lung injury on regional aeration and expiratory rime constants: Insights from 4DCT image registrationFrontiers in Physiology 12, 1147.

Highland, P., Harp, D., Schnell, T., Geiseln, E., & Havig, P. (2021). The customer is always right...towards Rhino pointing and eye tracking interfaces for combat aviators48th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, 86-91.

Hinz, B.E., Walker, S.G., Xiong, A., Gogal, R.A., Schnieders, M.J., & Wallrath, L.L. (2021). In silico and in vivo analysis of amino acid substitutions that cause laminopathies. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(20), 11226.

Huang, W., Samanta, A., Chen, Y., Baek, S., Shaw, S.K., & Ding, H. (2021). Machine learning model for understanding laser superhydrophobic surface functionalization. Journal of Manufacturing Processes 69, 491-502.

Jahanbin, R., & Rahman, S. (2021). Isogeometric methods for Karhunen-Loeve representation of random fields on arbitrary multipatch domains. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification 11(3), 27-57.

Jana, S., Olszta, M., Edwards, D., Engelhard, M., Samanta, A.Ding, H. et al. (2021). Microstructural basis for improved corrosion resistance of laser surface processed AZ31 Mg alloyCorrosion Science. DOI: 10.1016/j.corsci.2021.109707

Jensen, M.J., Peel, A.Horne, R., Chamberlain, J., Xu, L., Hansen, M.R., & Guymon, A.C. (2021). Antifouling and mechanical properties of photografted zwitterionic hydrogel thin-film coatings depend on the cross-link densityACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

Joy, A., Jacob, M., & Paul, J.S. (2021). Compressed sensing MRI using an interpolation‐free nonlinear diffusion model. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 85(3), 1681-1696.

Kang, H., Toon, H.J., Cichella, V., Hovakimyan, N., & Voulgaris, P. (2021). Time coordination of multiple UAVs over switching communication networks with digraph topologies. arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.14779v2.

Karimpour, A., & Rahmatalla, S. (2021). Extended Empirical Wavelet Transformation: Application to structural updatingJournal of Sound and Vibration 500, 116026.

Kielas-Jensen, C., Cichella, V., Casbeer, D., Manyam, S.G., & Weintraub, J. (2021). Persistent monitoring by multiple unmanned aerial vehicles using Bernstein polynomialsJournal of Optimization Theory and Applications.

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Marinho, T., Amrouche, M., Stipanovic, D., Cichella, V., & Hovakimyan, N. (2021). Biologically inspired collision avoidance without distance information. arXiv:2103.12239

Maya, D.M.Y., Lora, E.S., Andrade, R.V., Ratner, A., & Martinez, J.D. (2021). Biomass gasification using mixtures of air, saturated steam, and oxygen in a two-stage downdraft gasifier. Assessment using a CFD modeling approachRenewable Energy 177, 1014-1030.

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Mishra, A., Liu, S., Promes, J., Harata, M., Sivitz, W., Fink, B., Bhardwaj, G., ... Ankrum J. et al.
(2021). Perilipin 2 downregulation in β cells impairs insulin secretion under nutritional stress and damages mitochondriaJCI Insight 6(9).

Mo, Y., Dasgupta, S., & Beal, J. (2021). A Lyapunov analysis of a most probable path finding algorithmIEEE Control Systems Letters 6, 1052-1057.

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Moon, B., Bozorgzad, A., Lee, H.D., Kwon, S.A., Jeong, K.D., & Cho, N.J. (2021). Development of Warm In-Place Recycling technique as an eco-friendly asphalt rehabilitation methodInfrastructures 6(7), 101.

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