A number of the University of Iowa Technology Institute labs are located in various facilities across campus and the community.

Labs and Centers

Director: James Ankrum, associate professor of biomedical engineering

Email: james-ankrum@uiowa.edu

Phone: (319) 335-7512

Location: 3336 Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

Mission area: Biotechnology

Learn more: Ankrum Lab

Director: Michael Schnieders, associate professor of biomedical engineering

Email: michael-schnieders@uiowa.edu

Phone: (319) 335-7891

Location: 4-514 Bowen Science Building

Mission area: Biotechnology

Learn more: Computational Biomolecular Engineering Lab

Director: Jennifer Fiegel, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering 

Email: jennifer-fiegel@uiowa.edu

Phone: (319) 335-5162

Location: W109 Chemistry Building

Mission areas:

Learn more: Fiegel Lab

Director: David Lee, professor of civil and environmental engineering

Email: hosin-lee@uiowa.edu

Phone: (319) 384-0831

Location: 100 Chemistry Building

Mission area: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Learn more: Laboratory for Advanced Construction Technology

Director: Tom "MACH" Schnell, professor of industrial and systems engineering

Email: thomas-schnell@uiowa.edu

Phone: (319) 384-0811

Location: Iowa City Municipal Airport, Hangar H

Mission areas:

Learn more: Operator Performance Laboratory