AV-L29 Delfin Jets at OPL

AV L-29 Delfin Jets

Providing low-cost two-ship tactical in-flight simulation & flight test services.

Cargo Aircraft Simulator

Cargo Aircraft Simulator

The Cargo Aircraft Simulator provides cost-effective training using a ground simulator with the most advanced avionics.

CATS in Flight

Cognitive Assessment Tool Set (CATS)

A physiological-based data collection ecosystem that can digest and analyze a large volume of data from humans and systems.



A biomechanics and physiology simulation tool developed for the study of load carriage by military personnel.


Humvee Research Vehicle

The Operator Performance Laboratory's AMG Model 997 HMMWV is instrumented for human-in-the-loop simulation.

Joint Strike Fighter Simulator

Joint Strike Fighter Simulator

An effective system for pilot training. 

Live Virtual Constructive

LVC Training

Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) is an integration concept that incorporates live, virtual, and constructive elements into a single environment to leverage the best of each domain to minimize logistics and maximize training effectiveness.

Mi2 Helicopter

Mi-2 Helicopters

Two Mi-2 helicopters that are flight-proven airborne testbeds for a variety of sensor and instrumentation packages.

Graphic of the virtual human Santos

Santos: The Virtual Human

A trademarked visually realistic, biomechanically accurate high-fidelity digital human model that allows the testing of human capabilities in imported CAD environments of objects, vehicles, and scenes. 

Skill Appropriate Training Environment

Skill Appropriate Training Environment (SKATE)

Quantifies skill levels, generates training scenarios, and provides a continuous skill-level assessment of disparately skilled trainees, teams, and units in a joint training exercise while maintaining the integrity and realism of the mission.

Squadron Scenario Training

Squadron Scenario Training

Using the Santos scenario building and re-playing capabilities, this system of networked computers allows for visual training of squadron-level warfighters on various strategies.

Virtual Reality for Maintenance

Virtual Reality for Maintenance

Virtual reality 3D visualization is extensively used to familiarize officers, soldiers, and marines on particular equipment. While it does not take away from the need to have a hands on experience with the systems, it provides a quick and efficient method for learning about the various systems in the virtual world.