Carl Richey

Research Associate

Carl Richey is a Research Engineer at the Operator Performance Laboratory. His specialization is in fabrication and integration of hardware for flight test research activities. Richey has been actively working with the Operator Performance Laboratory since 2002. He supports human factors research by building equipment with an emphasis on simulators, air transportation, and ground transportation equipment. He holds a BS degree in Industrial Technology and a BA degree in Technology Education. In his background he has experience in industry working as a Project Engineer as well as working in secondary education teaching Industrial Arts. He supports maintenance and ground crew activities on the aircraft operated by the lab. This provides him with intimate knowledge and insights into future work on the airframes. Richey also often works on projects from conception to final product. Engineering experience and responsibilities include design, fabrication, assembly, integration, and testing of leading edge technologies; both mechanical and electronic in nature. He holds a private pilot license and keeps active in the local aviation community. Richey is certified as a Flight Test Engineer and Plane Captain on the A-36 Flight Test Aircraft. He is also the head of the Flight Safety Board at OPL. Richey also keeps current with advances in radio technology and is an active General class radio amateur. He is actively working with Software Defined Radio (SDR) in his spare time. This has been very useful professionally in working with and supporting research activities involving data links and other RF components. He has designed and constructed several custom antennas for ongoing research activities in the lab. His work has been featured in several publications including Aviation Weekly.