Mission Area

Professor Er-Wei Bai's research interests are in identification, control, and signal processing and their applications in engineering and life science.


Research Team

Portrait of Er-Wei Bai

Er-Wei Bai, PhD

Faculty Affiliate, Iowa Technology Institute;
Professor and Departmental Executive Officer, Electrical and Computer Engineering;
College of Engineering Distinguished Professor
Er-Wei Bai is professor of electrical and computer engineering, a College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, and departmental executive officer of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Recent Publications

Sparse system identification for stochastic systems with general observation sequences
Wenxiao Zhao, George Yin, Er-Wei Bai
Automatica, Volume 121, November 2020

Variable selection according to goodness of fit in nonparametric nonlinear system 
Chanming Cheng, Er-Wei Bai
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, August 2020

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