Ashley Preston

I hope to someday be conducting research myself.” 

Hometown: Colona, Ill.

Year: Sophomore

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Mission Areas: Biotechnology, Human Modeling and Simulation

Lab: Multi-scale Mechanics, Mechanobiology, and Tissue Engineering (3MT) Laboratory

Advisor: Ed Sander, associate professor of biomedical engineering

What brought you to the Iowa Technology Institute?

Since my first year of high school, I've known I love conducting experiments and really understanding how different biological processes work. I found my niche in Dr. Sander's lab. 

What do you do at the University?

I have been an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Sander's lab since January of 2020. Additionally, I am the volunteering chair for the University's chapter of Society of Women Engineers, and I am a member of Iowa's 3D printing club. I also am a proud member of the Hawkeye Marching Band.

What do you work on and what do you enjoy most about your work? 
As of right now, I am studying keratinocyte migration as it relates to wound healing. My favorite part of my work is that I have an opportunity to work closely (although right now, I don't mean that literally) with other lab members and to better understand the wound healing process.