Thursday, February 3, 2022

Prof. Charles Stanier was the featured speaker of the Feb. 11, 2022 edition of the Climate / Atmospheric Science & Engineering (CASE) Colloquium. The CASE Colloquium is presented by the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research and the Iowa Technology Institute

The replay is available here:

Charlie Stanier

Prof. Charles Stanier, a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa, will present a talked titled “The air quality-energy-climate-water-agriculture nexus in the upper Midwest: Status, trends, and research needs.”

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ABSTRACT: Energy consumption (amount and type) and agriculture (amount and type) are examined as critical factors determining air quality, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and water quality in the upper Midwest at decadal time scales. Using results from the Jumpstart Decarb2040 project, feasible energy-agricultural pathways are examined as ways to achieve desirable states within the air quality-energy-climate-water-agriculture nexus. Examples, linkages, and feedbacks will be examined using success stories (fine particulate pollution, GHG from electricity production), indicators that are stable (ozone air pollution, GHG from transportation & agriculture), and indicators that are deteriorating (nitrogen leakage to air and water, residential electricity prices, and GHG from natural gas & propane used for heat). High profile recent developments, such as (a) carbon dioxide pipeline proposals and (b) fledgling markets to pay agricultural producers for climate and ecosystem services, will be examined in this framework.

BIOGRAPHY: Charles O. Stanier is a professor at the University of Iowa who researches linkages between energy, pollution, health, and climate. He assists the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with long-term greenhouse gas measurements in Iowa and has participated in many atmospheric field studies. He is currently the PI of Decarb2040, an multidisciplinary seed grant examining decarbonization pathways for Iowa.