Event FAQs


Is any of the material presented during the summit confidential?

Per Distribution Statement A, all content has been approved for public release.

How can I watch the summit?

Please use this link to view the summit live on August 12th. There are no further steps needed to participate in the summit.

How can I participate in the summit? Am I able to ask questions during the event?

Participants will be able to submit questions during the live event.

Will the summit be recorded and available after August 12th?

Yes, the summit will be recorded and available on the Iowa Technology Institute website following the event.

For Presenters Only

How do I download and install the Microsoft Teams application to my computer for the best Teams experience?

To download Microsoft Teams go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app#desktopAppDownloadregion and then click on the 'Download Teams' button.

Once you have downloaded the Teams desktop application, go to your downloads folder and double click on it to install it. Alternatively, you may also see a notification at the bottom of your web browser and you can choose 'Open file.'

Is there a different user experience if I join from a web browser compared to the desktop application? Can I share my screen either way?

The biggest difference between joining from a web browser vs the desktop application is the quality of your video and screen sharing will be of lower quality with the web browser. Also, please note only the following web browsers support screen sharing with Microsoft Teams:

  • New Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), the latest version plus two previous versions
  • Google Chrome, the latest version plus two previous versions

Can I present from my smart phone or my iPad?

You can present from your smart phone or iPad. Teams will have limited screen sharing functionality, but it will work in a pinch. Just make sure to turn off your notifications by setting your device on Do Not Disturb mode so your notifications do not appear.

How can I use the chat function? What is the purpose of the raise hand feature?

To use the chat function, click on the chat box icon. This will allow you to chat with the moderators of the meeting and it will not be displayed to viewers outside of the Teams meeting.

The icon looks like this: 

Chat icon

The raise hand feature allows the moderators to know in a non-disruptive manner that you have a question and would like some guidance on something.

The icon looks like this: 

Hand icon

How do I set the camera and audio settings before the meeting? Should I stay on mute until I begin presenting?

When joining a Teams meeting, Teams will present you the option to turn your camera off/on, to set a background effect (also widely known as virtual background) and to turn your mic on or off.

It is recommended to always mute yourself when not talking to both make sure you are only heard when you mean to be heard and to limit background noises.

Here are the desktop application options. Please note to the right of the Microphone is a slightly greyed out icon which is the Background Effects button.

Desktop application options

How do I share my screen and PowerPoint presentation?

To share your screen or PowerPoint presentation click the following icon: 

Share icon

That will open up the ability to pick from your desktop screens, a particular window/app, or you can click on your PowerPoint presentation you'd like to present.

Please note, there is also an option at the top of the "share tray" for 'Include system audio.' Make sure that box is checked if your presentation has audio that you'd like the audience to hear.

To give and take control of shared content during sharing, both parties must be using the Teams desktop client. Control isn't supported when either party is running Teams in a browser.

Blur my background is not available when running a Teams in a browser. This feature is only available in the Teams desktop client.