Biotechnology News

Biotechnology News

Researchers 7T Scanner

UI researchers work to significantly improve brain scan resolution

Sponsored by a National Institute on Aging grant, University of Iowa scholars believe they can generate ultra-high-resolution images of the brain through synergies in deep learning algorithms and novel sequences on a 7 Tesla (7T) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner.
El-Hattab in 3MT Lab
Mariam El-Hattab works in the 3MT Lab.

El-Hattab wins award in 3MT research competition

Last month, El-Hattab's video explanation won the People's Choice award, a top prize in the UI's annual Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition. The competition is designed to challenge graduate students to clearly and concisely articulate complex research to non-specialist audiences. 
Student presenting research in the BioMOST lab

Raghavan among 2020 faculty awardees

A University of Iowa Technology Institute (ITI) faculty affiliate is among 21 faculty and staff members being honored with the University of Iowa’s 2020 Faculty and Staff Awards. Suresh M.L. Raghavan was the lone recipient from the College of Engineering.
Lung X-Ray

National Science Foundation awards Baek, team $1M grant to advance medical imaging

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a $1 million phase one grant earlier this month to an Iowa-led team to advance medical imaging research through artificial intelligence (AI).
Wenqi Duan and Logan Nicols talk with Fatima Toor

Fatima Toor recognized as 'Community Champion' by optics and photonics society

University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty affiliate Fatima Toor, an expert in optics and photonics, has been recognized as a "Community Champion" by the Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE).
Prof Fiegel holding the "cough machine"

Fiegel Lab examines connection between a cough and ‘super-producers’ of bioaerosols

Fiegel and her team examined how exhaled bioaerosols - droplets produced from the lung during breathing, coughing, and sneezing - are produced from lung-like surfaces during a cough. The findings were recently published in Soft Matter in a paper titled, “Surface rheological properties alter aerosol formation from mucus mimetic surfaces.”
Bioinspired Nanoparticles

Fiegel awarded NSF grant for research on targeting drug carriers to lung cells

University of Iowa scholars in engineering and pharmacy are designing polymers to help maintain the effectiveness of drugs once they enter the lungs of patients dealing with infections, cancer, genetic disorders or other conditions.
Hydrogel Experiment

Fiegel Lab finding promise in hydrogel spray to treat burn wounds

The University of Iowa Technology Institute's Fiegel Lab is developing a more effective method to deliver antibiotics to burn wounds through a hydrogel spray.
Fiegel Research image

Fiegel earns first place in Capture Your Research image competition

University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty affiliate Jennifer Fiegel has earned first place honors in the faculty, staff, and researcher category of the Capture Your Research image competition.
Wound healing

Sander, Ankrum findings add understanding of fat tissue in healing wounds

A team of University of Iowa scholars led by faculty affiliates with the Iowa Technology Institute released findings this week that expanded the understanding of the role fat tissue plays in healing wounds and may help to uncover and develop fat-related wound healing treatments.
Photo illustration for telecommuting

This photo illustration captures the work from home, which has become the norm during the coronavirus pandemic.

Iowa Technology Institute researchers forge ahead despite coronavirus setbacks

University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty, staff, and students have found creative ways to forge ahead at a time when COVID-19-related closures have limited access to laboratories and facilities. Some ITI labs have begun ramping back up this month as part of a phased-in, three-tier return to research on campus, while others wait their turn.
Figure illustrating testing

Wu, partners win National Science Foundation grant to develop low-cost, high volume COVID-19 testing technology

Electrical and Computer Engineering professors receive National Science Foundation RAPID grant for novel high-throughput and low-cost COVID-19 testing technologies
Figure illustrating testing

ITI's Wu helps develop method to speed up COVID-19 testing

Xiaodong Wu, together with graduate student Jirong Yi and fellow Electrical and Computer Engineering Professors Weiyu Xu and Raghu Mudumbai, has originated a new high-throughput and low-reagent-consumption method of using compressed sensing, a novel mathematical and signal processing idea, to significantly speed up testing COVID-19 virus and antibody.
Photo of Suresh Raghavan

BioMOST director among four UI faculty members to win top teaching award

The director of BioMOST, one of 25 labs and centers that make up Iowa Technology Institute, has been named among four winners of a University of Iowa-wide teaching award recognizing years of outstanding teaching.
Masks being decontaminated

UI Engineering sensors assisting Mercy Hospital to decontaminate masks

The University of Iowa College of Engineering is partnering with Mercy Iowa City to use specialized sensors to measure the amount of ultraviolet (UV) exposure needed to decontaminate protective masks. By utilizing a thermal sensor used in research by Fatima Toor, the amount of UV irradiance can be measured and optimized so that the masks can be sterilized for reuse, rather than discarded.
Portrait of Jacob Thompson

Undergraduate biomedical researcher awarded National Science Foundation Research Fellowship

Jacob Thompson, a senior studying biomedical engineering, has been awarded the National Science Foundation Research Fellowship, granting him an annual stipend and funds toward tuition for the continuation of his studies.
CDC image of COVID-19

Ding receives NSF RAPID grant for research related to COVID-19

Hongtao Ding, director of the Laser Materials Processing Lab, and H.S. Udaykumar, associate professor of mechanical engineering, have received an NSF grant to study how droplets containing viruses dry on solid surfaces.
Human hand outfitted with robotic rehabilitation device

UI laboratories collaborate on low-cost, lightweight orthotic robotic rehabilitation device

Collaborating at a crossroads of their engineering focuses, the Cooperative Autonomous Systems (CAS) Laboratory and the Smart Multifunctional Material Systems (SMMS) Laboratory at the University of Iowa are working on a new project: the creation of a lightweight, mobile, and low-cost orthotic robotic rehabilitation device.
Portrait of Srivats Sarathy

Sarathy wins 2020 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Srivats Sarathy, a graduate research assistant in the BioMOST Lab, has received a 2020 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the University of Iowa Council on Teaching.
Portraits of Baek, Wu, and He

Baek, Wu, and He publish groundbreaking discovery of cancer biomarkers using deep neural networks

Stephen Baek, director of the Visual Intelligence Laboratory, Xiaodong Wu, professor and ITI researcher, and Yusen He, graduate research assistant in the Visual Intelligence Laboratory, have published a groundbreaking discovery of cancer biomarkers using deep neural networks.
AIRLab researchers with smart goggles

ECE PhD student Tri Quang wins ASLMS Research Grant

Tri Quang, a graduate research assistant in the Integrated Imaging and Cyberphysical System Laboratory, received a 2019 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Research Grant for his project "Real-time Tissue Perfusion Assessment Using Fluorescence Imaging Topography Scanning System."
Artist rendering of a lock and key biosensor

Under lock and key: The intersection of cancer research and photovoltaics

Some may see Fatima Toor's diverse research interests as eclectic: photovoltaics, biosensors, lasers, and semiconductor optoelectronics may not seem to have much in common at first blush. But Toor, who is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Iowa, doesn't see it that way. From her perspective, her work on laser therapy is a close cousin to her research into photovoltaics.