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Fiegel Lab news

Prof Fiegel holding the "cough machine"

Fiegel Lab examines connection between a cough and ‘super-producers’ of bioaerosols

Fiegel and her team examined how exhaled bioaerosols - droplets produced from the lung during breathing, coughing, and sneezing - are produced from lung-like surfaces during a cough. The findings were recently published in Soft Matter in a paper titled, “Surface rheological properties alter aerosol formation from mucus mimetic surfaces.”
Bioinspired Nanoparticles

Fiegel awarded NSF grant for research on targeting drug carriers to lung cells

University of Iowa scholars in engineering and pharmacy are designing polymers to help maintain the effectiveness of drugs once they enter the lungs of patients dealing with infections, cancer, genetic disorders or other conditions.
Hydrogel Experiment

Fiegel Lab finding promise in hydrogel spray to treat burn wounds

The University of Iowa Technology Institute's Fiegel Lab is developing a more effective method to deliver antibiotics to burn wounds through a hydrogel spray.
Fiegel Research image

Fiegel earns first place in Capture Your Research image competition

University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty affiliate Jennifer Fiegel has earned first place honors in the faculty, staff, and researcher category of the Capture Your Research image competition.
Photo illustration for telecommuting

This photo illustration captures the work from home, which has become the norm during the coronavirus pandemic.

Iowa Technology Institute researchers forge ahead despite coronavirus setbacks

University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty, staff, and students have found creative ways to forge ahead at a time when COVID-19-related closures have limited access to laboratories and facilities. Some ITI labs have begun ramping back up this month as part of a phased-in, three-tier return to research on campus, while others wait their turn.
Photos of seed grant winners Ding, Fiegel, Lamuta, and Markfort

Ding and Fiegel receive Spring 2020 Seed Grants

Hongtao Ding, director of the Laser Materials Processing Lab, and Jennifer Fiegel, director of the Fiegel Lab, have been awarded Seed Grants from the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research.