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University of Iowa Spirit Squad at OPL

OPL's Mi-2 helicopters and L-29 jet win in Iowa DOT photo contest

An in flight photograph of one of the Operator Performance Lab's (OPL) Mi-2 helicopters earned first place in the helicopter category of the Iowa Department of Transportation's biennial Iowa Aviation photo contest for 2019-2020. 
OPL L-29 Delfin carrying pod

Schnell, OPL support Collins Aerospace in testing combat training system

The Operator Performance Lab (OPL) was selected as the flight test center for initial testing of a program called the Tactical Combat Training System II (TCTS II), a military training tool that includes Collins Aerospace Joint Secure Air Combat System (JSAS) technology.
Abbie Moore

UI student, future Air Force officer reaches for the stars

She knew the University of Iowa was where she would make that happen. It was ideal for Moore: a top-tier university only a short drive from her hometown. As for what that career would be, Moore looked to family members’ military experience.
Dr. Enrique Leira standing in front of OPL's Mi-2 research helicopter

The story behind connecting helicopter vibrations to stroke therapy

Connecting the vibrations from a helicopter to treating stroke victims may not seem like an obvious line of inquiry, but it turned out to be a promising one at the University of Iowa.
737 flight simulator at OPL

737 flight simulator at OPL 

OPL testing contributes to better aircraft avionics and two separate awards

Operator Performance Lab was recently honored for the latest efforts in this long line of flight testing work. It was among two recent awards for OPL, which is part of the College of Engineering's University of Iowa Technology Institute. 
OPL Mi-2 research helicopter

Vertiflite magazine examines OPL testing to improve helicopter pilot visibility

The FAA and University of Iowa Institute of Technology Operator Performance Laboratory collect data on Degraded Visual Environment solutions with an eye to civil helicopter certification.
Dr. Enrique Leira standing in front of OPL's Mi-2 research helicopter

Collaboration with ITI finds helicopter vibrations may benefit stroke therapy

On this edition of River to River, host Ben Kieffer speaks with Dr. Enrique Leira about how new research from the University of Iowa studying the effects of helicopter rides led to the discovery of a potential new stroke therapy. 
OPL Lab testing

Schnell and team win Best Paper Award for biometric evaluation of pilot workloads

Tom "MACH" Schnell, Captain Jim "Max" Gross Chair in Engineering at the University of Iowa, and his team received the Best Paper Award at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in September 2019. Schnell is a professor of industrial and systems engineering, director of the OPL and associate director of ITI.
Matt Cover prepares the L29 for a study

High-flying engineering

The Operator Performance Laboratory's airborne testbed services are featured in the 2019 issue of Iowa Engineer magazine.