Articles from January 2021

Signal Processing

Faculty Feature: Ananya Sen Gupta

Working in a unique sector of the signal processing field where computational algorithms intersect with underwater acoustics, University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty affiliate Ananya Sen Gupta has formed an environment of inclusion and innovation in her research group.
Royalty free image of highway

University of Iowa researcher, Iowa DOT innovate sustainable transportation infrastructure

Leading the Laboratory for Advanced Construction Technology (LACT), University of Iowa civil and environmental engineering professor Hosin "David" Lee has been routinely working with the Iowa Department of Transportation to perform research on numerous practices to improve roadway lifespan and quality, including the 2015 building of a new bridge near Fairbank, Iowa.
Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite

This illustration depicts the Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite as it orbits Earth. An ISU faculty member advised NASA on the future of this and other satellite missions. Image courtesy of Brian Hornbuckle via Iowa State University.

Iowans advise NASA on which satellites should stay in orbit

A pair of Iowans – professors from the University of Iowa and Iowa State University – helped to shape the future of NASA by evaluating the agency’s satellite missions and recommending which satellites should stay in orbit.