OPL Demonstration

Collins Aerospace demonstrates Live Networked Joint Fires in the multi-domain battlespace

Collins Aerospace demonstrated potential applications of resilient networking, intelligent sensing, and secure autonomous processing at the University of Iowa Operator Performance Lab in Iowa City.
Radio Comms

Breaking Defense: Collins teams with UI, OPL to demonstrate communication systems

Amidst the Pentagon’s push for Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control initiatives, Collins Aerospace recently teamed with the University of Iowa to run a series of exercises focused on resilient networking, intelligent sensing and secure autonomous processing.
Schnell Mi2

UI military helicopters takeoff to demo tech for Joint Forces officials

University of Iowa Technology Institute has not one but two Mi-2 Hoplite helicopters, and this month both were airborne as part of a live flight test range demonstration incorporating high-powered night vision cameras mounted on the nose of one of the helicopters. 
Malek National Guard

Iowa National Guard leaders meet Santos, tour ITI labs

The University of Iowa Technology Institute (ITI) hosted Adjutant General Benjamin J. Correll  of the Iowa Army National Guard and several members of his team.

Bloomberg Business: The U.S. Army Is Finally Close to Replacing Its 1980 Fitness Test

Helping the Army assess the new test, scientists at the Iowa Technology Institute at the University of Iowa are doing biomechanical analyses to determine if the levels of strength it calls for are similar to what’s needed for activities such as lifting ammo boxes and digging holes.

UI convenes international team of experts to update NASA’s SAGE III mission

The University of Iowa and Prof. Jun Wang hosted a nationwide team of approximately 60 scientists and engineers virtually in November to share the scientific advances, research findings, and operations related to the SAGE III mission, an Earth-observing instrument aboard NASA’s International Space Station.
Picture of the IBBA Luncheon at the OPL

OPL hosts Iowa Business Aviation Association luncheon

The University of Iowa’s Operator Performance Lab hosted aviation professionals from around the state for the Iowa Business Aviation Association’s (IBAA) quarterly luncheon.
Kristan Worthington and Edward Sander

Worthington and Sander receive NASA grant through Iowa State EPSCoR program

Kristan Worthington and Edward Sander are investigating the impact that low gravity environments have on regenerative tissue technology that could be used for therapy during space missions. The intent is to advance the collective ability to use stem cell technology during long-term spaceflight for astronauts that require treatment.
David Lee holds an award plaque

Lee recognized with APAI award for Innovation in Construction

The Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa (APAI) has honored Hosin “David” Lee, a University of Iowa Technology Institute faculty affiliate, with the Innovation in Construction Award for his contributions to the successful construction of high reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) mixes with rejuvenators.
OPL helicopter in flight

Albert Lea Tribune: ITC Midwest conducting aerial LiDAR research of high-voltage transmission lines

ITC Midwest will conduct aerial LiDAR research of high-voltage transmission structures and lines throughout south-central Minnesota during mid-November, weather permitting. Through an innovative collaboration, this research work is being conducted for ITC Midwest by the University of Iowa Technology Institute.