• The objective of system identification is to obtain an accurate mathematical model of a dynamic system using measured test data.
  • The identified system parameters are used in the design of aero models of aircraft for the purpose of design, control, and simulation.
  • Access to fully instrumented fighter jet (trainer) testbeds that can perform acrobatic and tactically relevant maneuvers is very limited. This limits progress in research of novel methods of aircraft systems parameter identification.
OPL Parameter Identification vector

OPL Resources

  • OPL provides fighter jet trainer testbeds that are fully equipped with onboard computational resources and TSPI ground truth systems, and that can be fitted with air data booms.
  • The testbeds are flying laboratories that can be easily fitted with onboard rack or pod-mounted parameter identification systems.
  • Air data boom and data collection system is available.
  • Research is bolstered with a strong foundation of graduate-level academics, hands-on systems building, integration on aircraft, and testing with state-of-the-art agile flight test methods.

Research Topics

  • Rapid identification of system parameters through the entire envelope
  • ML approach to parameter identification, uncertainty quantification, and system optimization
  • Kalman filterbased system identification in upset and recovery from upset
  • Online parameter identification for takeoff performance prediction and abort decision making

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